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Y.E.S. We can repair your failed Home Elevator.
No need to replace it. Any Brand!

Toll free: (877) 533-3955

Full Residential Service

All Brands

Elevators – Dumbwaiters – Vertical Lifts – Porch Lifts – Stair lIfts

Repairs – Service – Modernization

Maintenance – Tests – Warranty – Guarantee


Do Not Take A Salespersons Words As A Reason To Purchase A New Elevator!

We Offer Residential Elevator Maintenance, Service, & Repair In the Mountain West

Most, but not all of the Home Elevators in our area are the best in the world and will last the life of the home.  All can be returned to like new performance and warranty.

You’re Elevator Does Not Need to be replaced.

In spite of what you have been told, that your Elevator, (is obsolete), (worn out), (parts are not available), or any other reason, the real reason is, they want to sell you a new Elevator, or they do not have the proper technical skills needed to repair it.

Save yourself both time and money contact us today we stock all original parts and offer service of all makes and models.

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